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Do you need to see a gynaecologist?

If your General Practitioner says you need to see a gynaecologist, Origins can help. Origins specialist's can only make gynaecology appointments for women with a referral from a General Practitioner.

What is a gynaecologist?

Gynaecology literally means "the study of women". In medicine, gynaecology refers to the specialised practice relating to disorders of the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina and ovaries). Almost all gynaecologists are also obstetricians.

Who can you see at Origins?

Dr Kieran Dempster-Rivett and Dr Prathima Chowdary are qualified gynaecologists. They provide a best-practice service that includes easily understood explanations, clear treatment recommendations and surgery if necessary.

Origins' gynaecology services cover a wide spectrum of concerns, including:

  • Early pregnancy complications, such as threatened miscarriage, recovery from an unsuccessful pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy
  • Cervical smears and diagnostic colposcopy
  • Family planning and contraception
  • Investigation and management of abnormal vaginal bleeding - heavy periods, irregular periods, bleeding between periods, bleeding after intercourse, fibroids, cervical and uterine polyps
  • Investigation and management of pelvic pain, painful periods, pain after intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge, ovarian cysts and masses
  • Gynaecological surgery when required. This is usually performed at Southern Cross Brightside Hospital

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