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An appointment with your Origins obstetrician

During your pregnancy you will have around 12 antenatal appointments with your Origins obstetrician. Extra visits may be needed if you are expecting more than one baby, have a history of pregnancy problems or simply need extra reassurance.

Most women have their first appointment with Origins when they are between eight and ten weeks pregnant. This visit is around 45 minutes long, allowing plenty of time to talk about your health, preferences and concerns.

Ongoing appointments take around 15 minutes and will include a weight check, blood pressure check and an ultrasound scan so that we can see your baby. All of our obstetricians have ultrasound scanners in their consultation rooms.

At 36 weeks, we schedule a half-hour appointment, so that you can create a written birth plan with your obstetrician. Your plan will cover details such as your support people in labour, whether you'd like an epidural, who will cut the umbilical cord, emergency planning and more.

Preparing for your first appointment

We look forward to meeting you! It can be helpful to make a list of things you wish to discuss. The first consultation is up to an hour long, so there's plenty of time to talk. Topics might include:

  • The type of birth experience you'd like to have, eg natural with no pain relief, epidural to minimise pain, elective caesarean section
  • The facilities at National Women's Hospital
  • Previous pregnancy experiences - good and bad
  • Individual factors - these could include your age, health problems or disorders that run in your family
  • Which screening and diagnostic tests you'd like to have
  • Who to call when you have a question or concern between appointments
  • Any fears or concerns that you need to get out in the open