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Advice about improving your chances

Once you've made up your mind to get pregnant, you'll probably want to strike it lucky as soon as possible.

Understand the odds

  • Keep in mind that getting pregnant is a numbers game. Most couples have only a 15% to 20% chance of conceiving in any given cycle. This is about the same chance as throwing a six with a dice
  • Of couples who are fertile, statistics show that around 50% will have conceived by three months, 75 per cent by six months and 90 per cent by 12 months
  • In general, you should consult a fertility specialist if you have not conceived within one year of trying

Know your cycle

  • Studies have shown that the most fertile period in a woman's cycle is the three to four days leading up to ovulation. So knowing when you're likely to ovulate is the key to success
  • You can become familiar with your cycle by keeping a basal body temperature (BBT) graph. Using a digital thermometer, take your body temperature every morning before you get out of bed. Make a note of the reading or plot it on a graph. A noticeable temperature shift (upwards) signals ovulation. If your periods are regular, ovulation will occur around the same time every cycle
  • The days of your cycle are numbered from the first day of your period. If you notice that ovulation occurs on or around day 14, days 10 to 13 are your most fertile

Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation Calculator

When was the first day of your last period?

How many days are there in your cycle?